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Who we are?

Most businesses are now understanding the benefits of outsourcing documents and record storage and hence are now widely using the service of long term off-site document storage for document management. The document management allows the business to take advantage of space, resources and finances which can be dedicated to other areas of the organization.

The Secure Group is one of the leading and most trusted security consulting company that specialized in providing the services of document storage through which important and confidential documents can be efficiently stored and managed off-site.

What do we do?

At Secure Group, we manage and store your documents and records in purpose-built facilities where all your documents are expertly handled, secure and are easily retrievable when needed. For document storage, you can pack and, label and index all the documents yourself, or have our archiving team help you while you focus on your business competencies.

Our professional archiving team will efficiently pack and record every document that is concerned with business. We will ensure that each box is tagged and recorded into a detailed database, recognizing the location and contents of each documents. We also ensure that all other intellectual property along with computer data will be recorded and secured on our data storage system. With our document management service, you have 24/7 access to your documents and records that will be stored in a climate-controlled and secure warehouse.

How do we help our clients with document management?

All our documents storage facilities are secure and have a special racking system and modern tracking systems to make the document retrieval easier and efficient. We ensure that all the boxes are coded and scanned into a specific location. In situations when business required more detailed file access, we also code each file within each box as well to make the record retrieval extremely specific.

At Secure Group, we are able to handle next-day, half-day and emergency retrieval and if extremely urgent. We can also scan your records and send them to you electronically in various digital formats as well.

The benefits of document management:

● 24/7 security and alarm monitoring
● Long-term secure document storage
● Emergency retrieval and delivery of documents
● High and low volume document archive
● Digital delivery options available

“Secure Group has helped us so much with our documents storage, and with easy retrieval option, it so easy for our employees to not waste their time looking for the document and only just retrieve it. Thank you so much, Secure Group”

“Secure group’s bailiff services helped us to get our long due rent from our tenants”


“ The comprehensive Background check done by Secure Group for our organization’s manager position helped us in recruiting the right candidate”

-Smith HR services

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