Employee Thefts

Who we are?

The Secure group is one of the leading and most trusted located in Ontario that specializes in investigating workplace theft which are results of employee actions and implementing preventive measures to ensure that your assets are protected and secured within the organization.

What do we do?

The Secure group can be at your service immediately if you suspect that there has been a workplace theft or an employee is stealing from you. Our skilled and expert team of employee theft investigators will conduct a discreet and confidential investigation into the incident. Our team will conduct a pre-employment screening to assure that you are making informed hiring decisions. We also install security cameras and implement other preventive measures at your office or property.

How do we help our clients in employee theft investigation?

At Secure Group, our expert investigators often are undercover disguised as other employees from other businesses to investigate employee theft. Our team is skilled to uncover information on staff or theft that would go unnoticed with discretion and professionalism. We also install a covert camera that will help you collect all the evidence you need. We also give you an option to hire a surveillance team, which is useful for more complicated cases. The secure group expert investigator is the best and most efficient way to uncover any thefts that you might be experiencing in your organization.

The benefits of employee theft investigations service

● Undercover and Covert Investigation
● Employee and Pre-employment screening programs
● Reports on Evidence and Forensics
● Public records and comprehensive information research


“Secure Group has helped us so much with our documents storage, and with easy retrieval option, it so easy for our employees to not waste their time looking for the document and only just retrieve it. Thank you so much, Secure Group”


“Secure Group was extremely professional and discreet while investigating a workplace theft that occurred in my business. Within a few days they had gathered all the evidence and had already found the suspect. Thank you so much, Secure Group”

“ The comprehensive Background check done by Secure Group for our organization’s manager position helped us in recruiting the right candidate”

-Smith HR services

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