Information Management Services

Who we are?

Located in Ontario, The Secure Group is one of the leading and most trusted security consulting company that specializes in providing information management services that helps in protecting confidential information that might affect the brand reputation.

We provide information management services to defence contractors, academic institutions, high technology organizations and research facilities that have classified and high valued information that is confidential and needs protection.

What do we do?

The secure group is committed to maximizing customer’s return on investment and delivering a quality experience to our clients. Our team of specialists and program managers understand every element of industrial security. Moreover, our team also offers knowledge on best practices, industry trends and regulations of the government that impact our clients.

How do we help our clients with Information Management Services?

Our Information Management Services and Consulting team helps our clients by offering a full suite of services, including:


We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of all the information and then provide a detailed review of program requirements, the recommendation for optimal usage and reports with our developers


We offer management assistance for reviews, including information management service setup, organization and developing reports and documentation


We offer on-site upgrades performed by technical support and professionals to ensure that you are able to leverage the features of our service provided.

The benefits of Information Management:

  • Protection of confidential information
  • Empowering personnel to take a proactive approach in managing and validating various aspects of employment with the organization
  • Reducing the amount of time that staff spends looking up for personnel data for employees and freeing up valuable resources for other tasks
“The information management provided by Secure Group made organizing our employe information so much easier”

“Secure group’s bailiff services helped us to get our long due rent from our tenants”


“ The comprehensive Background check done by Secure Group for our organization’s manager position helped us in recruiting the right candidate”

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