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Who we are?

We have seen many cases that involve shocking breached of legal, moral and ethical duties where there is a complete absence of evidence to support the claim of liability to anyone, even though there might be strong suspicions of who is responsible

The secure group is one of the leading and most trusted security consulting company specializes in supporting prominent law firms in the investigation procedures and gather evidence as to the third-party investigator.

What do we do?

At Secure Group, our investigators conduct independent objective evidence and fact-finding that is aimed solely at the truth along with investigations targeting a particular result. Since we have licensed officers of the court, you can count on our objectivity.

How do we help in investigations?

Our investigators at Secure Group, conduct recorded and transcribed interviews and interviews under oath that can lead to severe penalties for false statements. We also deal with the most complicated investigation with documents like obtaining civil court orders to obtain documents, affidavit statements and using information technology to analyze the documents.

We also provide our opinion on the significance of the evidence and to check if any codes on conducts or laws have been broken so you or your business can defensible action that is not upon rumours and innuendos instead cold hard facts and legal standards

The benefits

Secure Group has special investigators that can help in the legal and investigative matters related to criminal, family or civil legal. We also support witness interviews or assist with the management of a case along with providing discreet investigative support.

“I want to thank Secure Group for smoothly handling the investigation of cargo theft and solving it within a few days. The team is extremely professional and proactive”
- T.H

“ The comprehensive Background check done by Secure Group for our organization’s manager position helped us in recruiting the right candidate”
-Smith HR services

“The Secure Group has helped us so much during our court sessions for delivering the legal documents at the right time. Thank you so much”
- H.N

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