Risk Mitigation Services

Risk Management Investigations for staged acccidents, thefts, vandalism and SABS specific statements are designed assist the insurance industry to make prudent business decisions. At Xtreme we will provide factual evidence based results that will aid lawyers, adjusters, adjudicators and examiners in assisting in claims and damages.

Fraudulent Physiotherapy and Medical Clinic invoices cost Canadians multi-million dollars in lost revenue annually. Our solution and risk management investigations include complete background, client usage, location verification, services provided, fraudulent invoices, surveillance, link analysis to auto body garages and tow truck companies.


Activity Logs

  1. The Fire Watch Log sheet may have the following information: Name/Address/Phone #of Business or Housing Authority, the Name of the Patrol Staff, Security Guard and Company. The fire watch guard might carry a suitable and reliable working cell phone while on duty at all times.
  2. Date(s), Time(s), reason requested and by whom was the fire watch started and Contact Information: Phone Numbers
  3. Patrol statues of each patrol
  4. Any occurrences of safety-related and/or Fire incidents or observations
  5. It is mandatory that each security guard has a flashlight all the times
  6. Date and time at which the fire-watch was ended
  7. Reason for the end of fire-watch and by whom
  8. The Fire watch activity log might be required to Faxed daily bound to a certain time to the Local Fire department. Secure Group Protection Services or the estate representative may provide the required Fire watch log sheets

Camera Installation

Located in Ontario, Secure Group is one of the leading and most trusted security consultation company that also specializes in the installation, upgrade and repair of surveillance camera systems. Our skilled and experienced team are experts in all the modern surveillance cameras and are able to provide you with a cost-efficient service to protect your home or business.

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Concierge Services

Secure Group Protection service is one of the best concierge services in the Greater Toronto Area. Our concierge staff is exceedingly experienced, proficient, dedicated and client service-oriented.

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Contractor Escort Security

We offer 24/7 protection to construction, commercial and industrial sectors. We are committed to providing the correct construction site to patrol with the assistance of construction patrol guards who are skilled and expert in patrolling through a mobile vehicle.
Since construction and renovation ventures are more vulnerable to vandalism, trespassing and other risks, Secure Group Protection Services provides contractor escort services that allow businesses and organizations to focus on ensuring the deliverance of the construction and renovation venture without any interferences that come with the managing of entry and exit of suppliers, temporary workers and unauthorized workers.

Detailed Watch Fire Logs

If you manage or own a business, a fire alarm system is a crucial component for the security of premises as well as its guests. When an alarm system isn’t operable or is not in place, the fire marshals may require to retain the fire watch guard services extended by Central Protection Professionals. Our team of off duty meets the most supreme standards of professionalism in the industry.
We ensure that each Fire Watch Security Guard understands how to follow the rules and Fire Marshall protocols and provide detailed reports. Here are the Fire watch

Elder Home Watch

Secure Group Protection provides the nest security of th elderly who may not leave their homes often and/or seldom has contact with the outside. We believe in keeping the elderly safe and independent hence our officers work as care companion that need domestic assistance and companionship

○ Security Vehicle Patrols: For private residences, we also provide security vehicle patrols that can be scheduled or be at any random time. Our security officer usually do an exterior inspection when on patrol which includes your doors, windows, padlocks, gates, sheds, vehicles and other premises

○ Family Protection: The Secure Group Protection Services offers family protection through residential protective programs that provides your family a highly trained security officers, highly screened monitor detection system, managing access control, intrusion determent and responding to emergencies

○ Event Security: Secure Group Protection Service provides exceptional risk prevention and crowd management at the core of every successful event. Our security professionals for events have the skill and training along with years of experience to make sure that your event runs smoothly.


Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention Secure Group Protection Services offers security personnel to prevent burglary inside retail and corporate premises, which can lead to critical financial and asset loss. Whether your business has to prevent shoplifting, employee robbery, employee point of sale, employee time and participation fraud, or any other sort of uncommon activity, our security group is trained to observe and suspicious movement and take apt actions to protect your organization, in understanding with set up management policies and the Criminal code of Canada.

Secure Group Protection services not only ensure a return on investment but significantly encourages the task of your organization’s managers and HR department. We have recognized ourselves as one of the leading Loss prevention service providers due to our exceptional experience in the retail industry, but also because of our revolutionary and extensive vision of what loss prevention strategy entails. From conducting the preventional audits to evaluate your operational structure to developing and training of employees, along with the electronic article monitoring, we have you covered.


Vehicle Patrol/ Alarm Response

Vehicle Patrols are a significant part of our successful security system. Not only our presence works as a deterrent, but our patroller’s rapid response times ensure better protection of your facilities and assets against criminal activities.

Secure Group Protection provides Vehicle Patrol Professionals, when and where you need them most.

Whether it is an office building, a mall, or a warehouse, you can depend on our vehicle patrol units. Our highly skilled and trained Vehicle Patrols officers will visit your site in marked and well-maintained security vehicles at a predesignated time or even sometimes on a random basis to ensure that your premises are safe and secure. We provide our patrol officers with the state of the art handheld computers, through which they will electronically document when they arrived at your property, where they inspected and when they left.

Our vehicle patrols will also male all the security reports available to you in real-time and email you all the incident reports as they occur. Through our advance verification method using time-stamped patrol verification ad reporting systems, you can guarantee our 100% commitment to all your security needs.


Construction Site Security

Secure Group Protection Services has built its construction site security services proficiency in the construction industry for more than 20 years. Our team combines comprehensive experience with the industry’s best skills to safeguard our client’s individual and assets.

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Customer Service Security

Secure Group Protection Services provides skilled and trained security officers that work directly in the communities, conducts patrols and site visits along with responding to call at the community properties and resolving conflicts and complaints and disputes, helping victims and apprehending offenders, building relations with the communities to keep the environment safe and partnering with other law enforcement and social service agencies.

The security officers of Secure Group Protection implements safety strategies and engages with community stakeholders to optimize resources in innovative ways that benefit the people and are understanding the needs of the community
Our goals as Community Housing Security officers are:

  • Establish a safe environment in communities
  • Protect the life of civilians
  • Protect the Community Housing Property
  • Engage tenants and staff to build safer communities
  • Work in partnership with other business units and city agencies
  • Assist and help the victims of crime or any incident

    A security officer is frequently considered as the identity of an institution’s brand.

    While a security officer’s foremost duty is to protect people, premises, information and reputation, Secure Group Protection Services has skilled security officers that provide an extraordinary level of customer service to establish an environment that is engaging, warm and safe.

    Secure Group Protection Services understands that customer service skills are critically important, we ensure that the security officers not only secure various premises such as transit centers, hospitals, commercial office buildings, residential communities and other facilities but also provide exceptional customer services to the visitors.


GateHouse Security

We protect your premise by limited access to employees and designated visitors only.

Secure Group Protection provides gatehouse security officers that will follow and operate according to the client’s code of practice and we will customize our service according to our client requirement.

Our security officers are trained to carry out various duties including vehicle checks and identification as well as keeping records of entry and departures and providing a courteous greeting to the visitors.

If required, under the circumstances, the gatehouse security will also perform extra checks such as spot checks, searches of handbags and vehicles and issuing special visitor passes for entry.

Secure Group Protection Services has trained and skilled officers that can be in charge of all gatehouse duties including booking in and out of site, reception, delivery of Health and Safety inductions, fire drills and register, management of hired equipment, space management, visitor management and communication coordination.


High-risk tactical security

Secure Group Protection Services has high-risk tactical security and risk management specialists that help our clients operate in challenging, complex and high-threat environments.

Our High-risk tactical security specialists have comprehensive training and extensive experience with law enforcement and military specialized units. We understand the intricate difficulties of operating business in an unstable security climate. Secure Group Protection Services offers security solutions through comprehensive consultancy that correlates to the client’s unique and ever-changing needs

We believe in delivering world-class, specialized and skilled security services to protect your possessions and personnel. We ensure that with our high-risk tactical security you can conduct your business and move safely and securely in uncertain, high-risk and hostile environments.


Residential Estate Protection

The Secure Group Protection Services offers professional services of the highest quality in residential estate protection in order to meet the specific requirements of high profile clients and their families.
We provide experienced and skilled security personnel with extensive hands-on training to manage the secure the estate across the diverse operations. Our professional security officers will determine appropriate security levels of threat risk, leading to the prevention of unauthorized access and installations by conduction a security survey op your estate, that will protect not only inside the residence but also to equipment, materials, computers and highly confidential documents.

Security system

Secure Group is one of the leading and most trusted residential and commercial security company located in Ontario. We specialize in providing and installing a full range of security systems which includes home monitoring services to full video surveillance systems for business on a larger scale

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Virtual Monitoring Services

There are particular events that lead to the necessity of fire watch systems. Such events can be a breakdown or absence of fire defensive gears or fire-related systems. This might include, but is not confined to, fire sprinklers not working properly, fire alarm malfunction, water being closed down for repairs, fire sprinkler or pump being out of service, increased danger of fire due to chemical capacity, combustible fabric or harmful toxins hence making it a circumstance that can be exceptionally perilous in the event that was clearly unnoticed.

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“I want to thank Secure Group for smoothly handling the investigation of cargo theft and solving it within a few days. The team is extremely professional and proactive”
- T.H

“ The comprehensive Background check done by Secure Group for our organization’s manager position helped us in recruiting the right candidate”
-Smith HR services

“The Secure Group has helped us so much during our court sessions for delivering the legal documents at the right time. Thank you so much”
- H.N

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