Protecting High risk

Who we are?

Located in Ontario, Secure group is one of the leading and most trusted security consulting company that specializes in protecting high risk. From intense crisis to situations to natural calamities, we offer High-risk security that can manage crises and emergencies.

We work closely with our clients to comprehend their security risk profile. After analyzing the client profile, we implement best practices and risk specialists to set up and execute a security risk management plan.

What do we do?

We work closely with law-abiding officials through sharing intelligence and other confidential information which can help in making the community safe and secure. We offer skilled and experienced security specialists are trained to violators of the criminal code of Canada and the Trespass to Property Act in custody to maintain and restore order in the society.

How do we help our clients?

● We provide comprehensive floor by floor security patrols to inspect building deficiencies and prohibited activity.
● We also place Security signs in the common areas that is connected with the 24-hour dispatch line
● We also provide a complimentary AED defibrillator placed in residential and commercial areas for easy access and increase public safety awareness.
● We also do frequent site visits by sending our skilled and experienced security specialists to ensure client protocols are met.
● Get automated and computerized inbound and outbound log for contractors and visitors for accurate and traceable records
● Receive a monthly automated and computerized report with statistics in graph form and summary of incidents and/or illicit activities reported.

The benefits of high-risk security

● Get comprehensive and professional high-risk security with skilled and experienced crisis management specialists
● Receive cost-effective solutions for a wide range of clients


Testimonials for Camera Installation

“Great service received and a fantastic surveillance system that works clearly in day and night”


“The Secure Group has an extremely reliable courier service and always does delivery on-time”

“I want to thank Secure Group for smoothly handling the investigation of cargo theft and solving it within a few days. The team is extremely professional and proactive”

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