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Who we are?

Secure Group is a business that is trusted because of it’s owner’s close management processes, and business values and beliefs. Secure Group is known for it’s up close and personal business practises, keeping the priority level the same for each and every client. Secure Group is a premier security services business that delivers personalized and a variety of close monitored security services, ranging from physical security guards, residential concierge services, virtual camera monitoring, camera installations, close protection agents, transportation services, and many more services offered globally.

What do we do?

The secure group provides virtual lobby services that will enhance your on-site brand identity and will make a memorable first impression and modern automated check-in system and integrated smart office solutions that deliver early warning of security breaches, quick appearance-match video for visitor entry and new levels of video quality.

How virtual lobby can work for your premises?

Make a memorable first impression

With the Secure group, Virtual lobby services embrace today’s technology and upgrade from conventional paper and pen and go digital with automated sign-in that modernized your front desk

Effortlessly share information

With the virtual lobby services, share information effortlessly. Employees and residents can add their upcoming guests and visitors to list from mobile, which alerts the front desk about who’ arriving and when. Share visitors details, including a current photo, are quick to access in case of an evacuation or emergency

Strengthen your workplace security

You need to identify if an upcoming visitor or guest is a potential threat s early as possible. The virtual lobby services protect your people, property and ideas by having an eye on who is entering the premise and stopping unwanted visitors in their path.

The benefits

Our security system will prevent crime before it occurs
● The system will immediately give notification and will provide crime prevention
● 24/7 Remote monitoring available
● Customized schedule of remote monitoring available
● Receive Email Security Reports Straight to your Inbox
● Digital Security Guard is always watching
● Exceptional customer service, quick and professional installation of the surveillance system

The benefits of Virtual Lobby Services

Real-time Monitoring

The virtual lobby services digitally store all guest details in the visitor log which makes it easier to reference during evacuation or emergency.

Incident Response

In any unusual incidents or event of breaches, visitor logs can be consulted to check who was on the premises and which legal document they signed while entering.

Emergency Planning

In the case of an evacuation or emergency, the virtual lobby services immediately equips visitors with an emergency plan and evacuation instructions to ensure no one is left behind.


Testimonials for Camera Installation

“Great service received and a fantastic surveillance system that works clearly in day and night”


“I want to thank Secure Group for smoothly handling the investigation of cargo theft and solving it within a few days. The team is extremely professional and proactive”

“The Secure Group has helped us so much during our court sessions for delivering the legal documents at the right time. Thank you so much”

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