Package Holding

Don’t let the thought of leaving your package on your porch when you away make you feel uncomfortable. The Secure group provides the services of package holding to ensure that your package isn’t left unattended when you are away.
The Secure group ensures that your package is secure and will notify you once, the package reaches us so you don’t have to worry about package theft, missed deliveries or weather damage boxes.
The client will have to request the package holding services by contacting us and providing us with all the information as well. The client will also have to give the date for package pick-up and will have to bring a government ID for verification. The Secure Group package holding service allows you to keep track of your package through with notifications and will be safe and secure until pick-up by the client in our facility.
To know more about our package holding services or to request a service, contact us today.

“We did a threat and risk assessment for our residential property with Secure Group. They gave us full detail along with security plans and solutions that would suit us. Thank you, Secure Group”


“Secure group’s bailiff services helped us to get our long due rent from our tenants”


“ The comprehensive Background check done by Secure Group for our organization’s manager position helped us in recruiting the right candidate”
-Smith HR services

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