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Who we are and what do we do?

Secure Group Protection services are one of the leading security consulting company located in Ontario. Secure Group specializes and provides parking management services to both residential and commercial clients.

We provide experienced security consultants that will:
● Monitors and Regulates the use of parking facilities on private premises
● Ensure the vehicles are parked in compliance with the property’s posted signage
● Solve parking disputes in residential areas
● Resolve the parking meter issue
● Call for support during automobile difficulties

Secure Group Protection provides a plan that includes using both personnel and technology

The Secure group is one of the leading and most trusted located in Ontario that specializes in investigating workplace theft, which are results of employee actions and implementing preventive measures to ensure that your assets are protected and secured within the organization.

Why parking management is important?

Parking Management has become significant because the parking area of a property is one of the first experiences as a guest or as residents. Hence it is necessary that it is maintained and under control.

Some of the common problems found in the visitors parking area for private properties are:
● Residents park their own vehicle(s) in the visitors parking because of lacking parking space
● Excessive use of visitors parking by guests
● People from off-site using or abandoning their vehicle on the property

How do we help in parking management?

● Conduct random visits to your private property or any frequency suitable to the client with the purpose to enforce the parking conditions.
● Our officers are licensed security who are uniformed and operate marked vehicles
● Our parking enforcement program also includes a patrol check of your property to ensure that there is no potential criminal activity
● Receive value-added service and relief from parking problems

The benefits of consulting us

We offer parking enforcement for all private and public premises:

● Ensuring parking areas is not being violated:
Our officer can inspect and patrol large scale parking lots of shopping malls, residential building to guarantee the property’s parking area is not being violated

● Parking space:
Our personnel will always ensure that there is always parking for your customers or tenants in their property, whether it’s residential, commercial or warehouse

● Asset Protection:
Parking enforcement being carried out by our licensed guard that will give you the peace of mind that you deserve that a patrol is also being performed to prevent theft and damage to assets


“Secure Group has helped us so much with our documents storage, and with easy retrieval option, it so easy for our employees to not waste their time looking for the document and only just retrieve it. Thank you so much, Secure Group”


“Secure Group was extremely professional and discreet while investigating a workplace theft that occurred in my business. Within a few days they had gathered all the evidence and had already found the suspect. Thank you so much, Secure Group”


“We consulted with Secure Group Protection for parking management because we live in a residential area where there is no parking space. Thankfully, after a few patrols made by an officer of the secure group, we got more than enough parking space”

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