Vacation Watch

Who we are?

Secure Group is a leading security consulting company based in Ontario. Secure Group specializes and provides vacation watch services to both residential and commercial clients.

Our team of experienced security consultants will

  • Create a “Vacation Watch Security” strategy;
  • Assess the asset or individual that needs protection
  • Assess the associated risk factors
  • Create a schedule and implementation plan to protect the asset and/or individual
  • Create a reporting and monitoring structure to the designated parties
  • Typically our implementation plan includes using personnel and technology.

Why you need a vacation watch

The most common reasons why people need vacation watch are because:
● Important Assets in the facility (home, office, store, warehouse, etc.;)
● Important Individuals that are left (kids, pets, grandparents);
● Insurance Requirement (some third-party insurers require that you have vacation watch enabled).

The benefits of having a vacation watch:

● Insurance:
Ensuring that you have a vacation watch plan, and an arrangement with a preferred third-party such as Secure Group can help you with your insurance premiums, and ensuring that your insurance agreement is not defaulted (assuming it is required);
● Safety;
We would assist in providing safety to key individuals who are left in the facility (home, office, warehouse, store, etc.). This is great if these individuals are susceptible to risk. Risk can be because of the individuals themselves, the nature of the situation, the location, and other factors.

● Asset Protection;
If you have assets that are important and require protection, vacation watch is a great service to employ. For example, if you have specialized equipment that is very expensive, and is subject to theft – a vacation watch would be an ideal service for you.

● Prevent Damage;
If your equipment or facility is an area that is susceptible to damage, our vacation watch services can help you prevent, and record any damages to the facility and equipment. Personnel can be utilized to prevent, document, and monitor the equipment or facility. Technology such as camera and AI, can be employed to record damages, and use it for e-discovery purposes.

Testimonials for Camera Installation

“Great service received and a fantastic surveillance system that works clearly in day and night”


We used the Secure Group to watch our home. We live in a neighbourhood where theft and break-ins occur on a frequent basis. We have art and paintings that are very important to our family, and we needed it to be protected. Secure Group had helped us with both personnel and camera installation services. We have peace of mind knowing that we would be able to view our home using a mobile app from anywhere around the world. Thank you, Secure Group”

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