Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems

Who we are?

The best fire monitoring system even in large scale business the only truly effective if someone is being attentive to alarms. Hence, the best way to keep your premises safe and secure from devastating fire damage is to turn to Secure Group Protection for fire alarm monitoring services.

Located in Ontario, Secure Group is one of the leading and most trusted security consulting company. We have an expert team of skilled and trained personnel that has focused on security experience for a long time. This gives us an understanding of being the top-rated fire monitoring systems along with the ability to respond to fire threats in a quick and effective way.

The benefits of Fire Monitoring System

Save Insurance Cost

Many insurance companies grant discounts for a fire and sprinkler system monitored by ULC listed companies.

Limit Unnecessary Damage

A sprinkler system that malfunctions can release many gallons of water into a building causing a great deal of damage. Our monitoring system minimizes damage.

Save Your Money

The Critical Equipment Monitoring System is more reliable and cost-effective than using people to observe critical functions. Your business could suffer if an important piece of equipment such as a freezer, boiler, air conditioner or compressor breaks down.

Reduce False Alarms

The system’s capacity to locate the origin of an alarm allows corrective measures to be taken at the first service call.

How do we help?

At the secure group, you can get full-service fire monitoring system design and installation. We help you to identify risks and specific environmental factors to ensure that you choose a suitable fire monitoring system that will best fit your needs. Whether you require around the clock monitoring or just need monitoring during certain hours of the day, Secure Group can provide the best alarm system monitoring that will be best for you.

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- T.H

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-Smith HR services

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- H.N

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