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Located in Ontario, one of the leading and most trusted security consulting company, Secure groups offers residential estate protection services that are flexible and can easily be tailored according to the client’s needs. Whether the services are required only for a certain duration, or as a permanent part of the residence security system, the secure group can deliver the protection that our clients need.
The Secure Group Protection Services offers family protection through residential protective programs that provide your family with a highly-trained security officers, highly-screened monitor detection system, managing access control, intrusion determent and responding to emergencies
The Secure Group Protection Services offers professional services of the highest quality in residential estate protection in order to meet the specific requirements of high profile clients and their families.
Testimonials for Camera Installation

“Great service received and a fantastic surveillance system that works clearly in day and night”


“The Secure Group has helped us so much during our court sessions for delivering the legal documents at the right time. Thank you so much”

“I want to thank Secure Group for smoothly handling the investigation of cargo theft and solving it within a few days. The team is extremely professional and proactive”

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