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Security Vehicle Patrols

One of the leading and most trusted security consulting company in Ontario, the Secure group specializes in providing professional services of the highest quality in residential estate protection in order to meet the specific requirements of high profile clients and their families.
For private residences, we also provide security vehicle patrols that can be scheduled or be at any random time. Our security officer usually do an exterior inspection when on patrol which includes your doors, windows, padlocks, gates, sheds, vehicles and other premises
Secure Group’s highly trained Vehicle Patrol Security form a key element of Residential Estate Protection services. Vehicle Patrol Supervisors conduct patrols in clients’ neighbourhoods, keeping alert to changes and potential security threats.

● Secure Group can make regular daytime or overnight patrols to provide additional security for children, seniors, or household staff
● Residential Estate Protection services can include key access—whether in the case of a lockout or to provide access to authorized persons while clients are away.
● Secure Group can provide vacation services, keeping an eye on client homes while they are travelling and ensuring a property maintains security presence.
● Members of Residential Estate Protection security teams will visit client properties and conduct on-site patrols, including picking up papers, mail, and packages.

“I want to thank Secure Group for smoothly handling the investigation of cargo theft and solving it within a few days. The team is extremely professional and proactive” - T.H

“ The comprehensive Background check done by Secure Group for our organization’s manager position helped us in recruiting the right candidate” -Smith HR services

“The Secure Group has helped us so much during our court sessions for delivering the legal documents at the right time. Thank you so much” - H.N

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