Community Watch SECURITY

Secure Group Protection Services provides skilled and trained security officers that work directly in the communities, conducts patrols and site visits along with responding to call at the community properties and resolving conflicts and complaints and disputes, helping victims and apprehending offenders, building relations with the communities to keep the environment safe and partnering with other law enforcement and social service agencies.

The security officers of Secure Group Protection implements safety strategies and engages with community stakeholders to optimize resources in innovative ways that benefit the people and are understanding the needs of the community

Our goals as Community Housing Security officers are

● Establish a safe environment in communities
● Protect the life of civilians
● Protect the Community Housing Property
● Engage tenants and staff to build safer communities
● Work in partnership with other business units and city agencies
● Assist and help the victims of crime or any incident

“We did a threat and risk assessment for our residential property with Secure Group. They gave us full detail along with security plans and solutions that would suit us. Thank you, Secure Group”

“Secure group’s bailiff services helped us to get our long due rent from our tenants”

“The Secure Group has helped us so much during our court sessions for delivering the legal documents at the right time. Thank you so much”

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