Construction Site Security

Secure Group Protection Services has built its construction site security services proficiency in the construction industry for more than 20 years. Our team combines comprehensive experience with the industry’s best skills to safeguard our client’s individual and assets.
Theft and vandalism is an increasingly grave issue in the construction industry; including unnecessary delays and expenses to your venture, Secure Group Protection Services will defend your sites, equipment, tools and trailers from the beginning to the time until your venture is completed and delivered
Secure Group Protection Services is in alliance with the clients to offer extensive construction security services suitable for each unique construction and each venture.

“We did a threat and risk assessment for our residential property with Secure Group. They gave us full detail along with security plans and solutions that would suit us. Thank you, Secure Group”


“Secure group’s bailiff services helped us to get our long due rent from our tenants”


“ The comprehensive Background check done by Secure Group for our organization’s manager position helped us in recruiting the right candidate”
-Smith HR services

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