Detailed Fire Watch Logs

If you manage or own a business, a fire alarm system is a crucial component for the security of premises as well as its guests. When an alarm system isn’t operable or is not in place, the fire marshals may require to retain the fire watch guard services extended by Central Protection Professionals. Our team of off duty meets the most supreme standards of professionalism in the industry.

We ensure that each Fire Watch Security Guard understands how to follow the rules and Fire Marshall protocols and provide detailed reports. Here are the Fire watch Activity Logs:

1)  The Fire Watch Log sheet may have the following information: Name/Address/Phone # of Business or Housing Authority, the Name of the Patrol Staff, Security Guard and Company. The fire watch guard might carry a suitable and reliable working cell phone while on duty at all times.

2)  Date(s), Time(s), reason requested and by whom was the fire watch started and Contact Information: Phone Numbers

3)  Patrol statues of each patrol

4)  Any occurrences of safety-related and/or Fire incidents or observations

5)  It is mandatory that each security guard has a flashlight all the times

6)  Date and time at which the fire-watch was ended

7)  Reason for the end of fire-watch and by whom

8) The Fire watch activity log might be required to Faxed daily bound to a certain time to the Local Fire department. Secure Group Protection Services or the estate representative may provide the required Fire watch log sheets

Fire Watch Security

There are particular events that lead to the necessity of fire watch systems. Such events can be a breakdown or absence of fire defensive gears or fire-related systems. This might include, but is not confined to, fire sprinklers not working properly, fire alarm malfunction, water being closed down for repairs, fire sprinkler or pump being out of service, increased danger of fire due to chemical capacity, combustible fabric or harmful toxins hence making it a circumstance that can be exceptionally perilous in the event that was clearly unnoticed.
Secure Group Protection Services is one of the best within the fireguard field and the correct choice for you because of our experience. We can bring you learned and well-trained fire watch security guards to look after your premises and guarantee the protection of your employees and equipment. We ensure that each Fire Watch Security Guard understands how to follow the rules and Fire Marshall protocols and provide detailed reports.


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