Loss Prevention

Secure Group Protection Services offers security personnel to prevent burglary inside retail and corporate premises, which can lead to critical financial and asset loss. Whether your business has to prevent shoplifting, employee robbery, employee point of sale, employee time and participation fraud, or any other sort of uncommon activity, our security group is trained to observe and suspicious movement and take apt actions to protect your organization, in understanding with set up management policies and the Criminal Code of Canada.
Secure Group Protection services not only ensure a return on investment but significantly encourages the task of your organization’s managers and HR department. We have recognized ourselves as one of the leading Loss prevention service providers due to our exceptional experience in the retail industry, but also because of our revolutionary and extensive vision of what loss prevention strategy entails. From conducting the prevention audits to evaluate your operational structure to developing and training of employees, along with the electronic article monitoring, we have you covered.


“We did a threat and risk assessment for our residential property with Secure Group. They gave us full detail along with security plans and solutions that would suit us. Thank you, Secure Group”


“Secure group’s bailiff services helped us to get our long due rent from our tenants”


“Secure Group Protection Service has been an exceptional partner when it came to general contracting services. Their quality standards of work and is what makes this one fo the best company. I absolutely suggest this company for every contracting project”

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