Risk Mitigation Services

Risk Management Investigations for staged acccidents, thefts, vandalism and SABS specific statements are designed assist the insurance industry to make prudent business decisions. We will provide factual evidence based results that will aid lawyers, adjusters, adjudicators and examiners in assisting in claims and damages.

Fraudulent Physiotherapy and Medical Clinic invoices cost Canadians multi-million dollars in lost revenue annually. Our solution and risk management investigations include complete background, client usage, location verification, services provided, fraudulent invoices, surveillance, link analysis to auto body garages and tow truck companies.


Corporate Risk Management

Corporate disasters take on many forms. Many disasters can be prevented by a thorough evaluation and identification. Corporations need to know who they are dealing with in business, who their employees are and what they are doing

Risk Management and Security Solutions

We are experts at finding hard-to-find individuals, even those who choose not be found. We are also highly trained at productive interview techniques so when we interview people, our methods encourage them to answer openly and honestly. In some cases surveillance is required. Our team has the latest equipment available to ensure that we have all the information you require.

There are many instances where background checks are needed for employment or other purposes, and rest assured we dig deep and get all the data, even information that a person does not want disclosed. We offer SIU fraud services, claims investigations and much more. Contact us for additional details.

  • Witness interviews
  • Hard-to-find individuals
  • Video surveillance
  • Activity checks
  • Background analysis
  • SIU fraud service
  • Claims investigations

Uniformed Security

Our security personnel fully understand that they represent their client to the public, employees, shareholders, and suppliers. They can be the first, last, and even the only face a visitor sees, and their actions leave a permanent impression of that company.

Professionalism is our hallmark, and that image only enhances the image of each client.


Event Security

Our security personnel are equipped with extensive experience and training to ensure that specialty events are successful and all participants are safe and secure. We can provide the appropriate level of security services for any type of event, from small, private parties to large gatherings nationally.

Labour Risk Management

At Xtreme Risk Management, we provide clients with the information and solutions to ensure their business continuity plans are realized.

Risk Assessment

Xtreme Investigations will work with you to understand where your vulnerabilities are and then help you to reduce or prevent losses altogether. Costs related to insurance, theft, damage, and litigation can have a dramatic effect on the company’s bottom line and reputation.

Risk Management and Security Solutions

Protecting your company’s assets whether they are people or property can be a daunting especially for those tasked with identifying and implementing the proper security measures. Xtreme Investigations recognizes that many organizations are dealing with security related issues on a daily basis such as threats, theft, fraud or disgruntled employees. Any of these examples can greatly put a company at risk. Xtreme Investigations has a team of Risk Management Specialists with over 100 years of diverse security experience. Their job is to listen and work with you in an effort to alleviate potential security problems that may occur. The Corporate Risk Management Team has access to top resources locally, nationally and internationally making us a leader in our industry.

Residential security services:

Direct Link Emergency Line

Alarm Response

Mobile Protective Surveillance

Vacation Watch

Live Video Monitoring Service (Live Monitoring)

Complete residential security agent programs including recruitment, training, standard operating procedures and management

Tech installation and maintenance

Project management and ongoing, proactive program maintenance and improvement

Secure transportation services for principle, family and staff


SecureGroup has been a partner for about 5 years from now and we have used their executive risk mitigation specialists for high risk terminations and the services they provide are professional, but the most important aspect is that management is one call away. Amazing team, fast service and immediate response.

- John T.

SecureGroup has been providing some of our clients with high risk tactical security officers, and the feedback I get from the patrons and clients are that SecureGroup has intimidating tactical officers and have a good head on their shoulders. The team is responsive, smart and effective, definitely recommend them.

-Zafar A.

“The Secure Group has helped us so much during our court sessions for delivering the legal documents at the right time. Thank you so much”

- H.N

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